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How To Connect
  1. Download the WoW-Cata-Client Here
  2. Make an Account Here
  3. Navigate to the "World of Warcraft/Data/deDE/realmlist.wtf" file.
  4. Open the file with Notepad or any text editor.
  5. Delete everything and enter this: set realmlist
  6. Save the file, start the game, login and play!
  7. Start the game using the WoW.exe file in your WoW Folder (Don't use the Launcher), login and play!

   Problems Connecting

  1. Make sure you're on the correct version of WoW (4.3.4) before you try to connect to our server. You can get the latest patches here.
  2. If you have trouble connecting after you followed these directions, or if you get an error like "you have been disconnected from the server", then go to your Start button, and choose the "World of Warcraft" folder, then
    "World of Warcraft - Repair" option.
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01-10, 6:48 By Swirlcake:
Is this server still online? I can't seem to connect

11-12, 9:24 By Shmaggos:
Hi, ist der Server noch in Betrieb?
10-16, 2:19 By Saarwow:
Is the realmlist correct?
10-16, 2:11 By Saarwow:
I can't log in, It's like I didn't create an account. Any idea why?
09-08, 3:11 By Mitsch:
hab neuen dk angefangen ... nun gings
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